Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance  


Shouldn't every member of your family have health insurance? We've got your tail covered!

Pets Best was started by a vet who understood the value of the bond we share with our pets. Dogs and cats get sick and injured just like us humans. Medical advances and high-end equipment give your pets the best chance at a long, happy, and healthy life, but this often comes with a high price tag.

Pet insurance reimburses you for your pet’s eligible veterinary bills. Pets Best helps provide peace of mind to pet parents by offering flexible coverage that reimburses the cost of eligible veterinary treatment. Get flexible accident, illness, and routine care coverage customized to your pet and your budget.

There are many benefits to choosing Pets Best, including: 

  • Save Money – You get an exclusive 5% discount on your monthly premiums plus another 5% if you have two or more pets.*
  • Use Any Veterinarian – Choose any licensed veterinarian, emergency vet, or specialist in the U.S. There are no networks.
  • 24/7 Pet Helpline – All Pets Best policyholders get free 24-hour access to veterinary experts to answer all your pet health and behavior questions, and to help assess if urgent care is needed.
  • Fast Claims Processing – Submit and track the status of your claim online or on the Pets Best mobile app.
  • Mobile App – With the Pets Best App, you can access your customer account or file a claim from anywhere, even while at the veterinarian's office.



Our fast and easy enrollment process means you can start protecting your pet sooner.

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What's Included in Pets Best?

  • Up to 90% reimbursement on covered accidents and illnesses
  • No annual limit option
  • Low annual deductible options
  • Covers accidents, illnesses, surgeries, cancer, and more!
  • Optional wellness plans

*Pet insurance coverage is offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC and is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company or Independence American Insurance Company, a Delaware insurance. Please visit to review all available pet health insurance products underwritten by APIC. Rates and plan availability vary based on age, breed and location of the pet and are subject to state availability. The 5% discount applies to all BestBenefit plans except for ones issued to residents of AK, HI and TN. In WA, the Essential Wellness rider is $14/month and the BestWellness rider is $30/month.


Answers about the plan, including eligibility, coverage options, enrollment, claims, and more.
  • Who is eligible?

    Eligibility information is available on
  • When can I enroll?

    ANYTIME! After you have a quote, you can enroll immediately if you’d like.
  • Who is the provider?

    • Pets Best was founded by a veterinarian, whose mission is to save pets because he understands the incredible bond we create.
    • Since our founding in 2005, we’ve paid out nearly $175 million in pet insurance claims to pet parents just like you.
    • Customers rate us 9.4 out of 10.
    • In 2016-2017 Pets Best was featured in stories in Forbes, The New York Times, People Magazine, CNBC, and Women’s Health Magazine.
  • How much will this coverage cost?

    Thanks to your employer’s group rates, you’ll pay less for this coverage than you would for individual coverage you’d find on your own.

    1. The BestBenefit Accident & Illness Plan
      • The cost is based on the pet’s age, breed, and location. So you have to get a quote to see how much a plan will cost. But a common monthly price range is $30-$60.
    2. Accident Plan
      • A flat rate of $6/mo. for cats and $9/mo. for dogs.*
    3. Wellness Routine Care Plan
      • There are two plans available. The EssentialWellness plan is $16/mo. and the BestWellness plan is $26/mo.*


    *Prices shown as monthly rates. Rates in WA state: Accident Plan is $7 for cats and $10 for dogs; EssentialWellness is $14 and BestWellness is $30. Discount not available in all states. Rate discounts are available in most states and apply to BestBenefit plans only. Discount apply as follows: 5% group discount and 5% multiple-pet discount when insurance two or more pets. Pet Insurance offered and administered by Pets Best is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company. Please visit to review all available pet health insurance products. Customer rating of 9.4 on Trustpilot as of 08/09/17.

  • If I leave my employer, will I be able to keep my coverage?

    When you leave or retire from your current employer, you can continue your coverage without interruption, subject to applicable law and the policies' terms and conditions. Although payroll deduction will no longer be available if you retire or leave your company, you can opt for other payment methods such as direct checking or bank account deduction, credit card billing or home billing. Higher rates may apply.
  • What's not covered?

    • No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions. But, if your pet has a pre-existing condition (for example, allergies) there are still thousands of other future health issues that pet insurance covers.
    • It’s not liability insurance and it’s not life insurance for pets.
  • When will coverage start?

    • After you have a quote, you can enroll immediately if you’d like. Or contact us if you have any questions.
    • Your coverage will kick in when your short waiting periods are over; 3 days accidents & 14 illnesses. For wellness plans, you can start using them the next day.
    • No contract or commitment – you can cancel anytime. 30-day money back guarantee.
    • If you are paying with payroll deduct, you’ll be enrolled on the 1st of the next month, then the above waiting periods will apply, then your coverage will be available.
  • How do I file a claim?

    It’s easy. You can submit a claim online through our app by simply snapping a photo of your receipt. Or we take claims through email, fax, or mail. We process most claims within 5 days, and can deposit reimbursement right back to your bank account. Plus, our easy to use portal gives you real time access to manage your claims.
  • How does my veterinarian receive payment?

    You pay your veterinarian directly and then submit a claim to us. We’ll adjust your claim and reimburse you according to your plan. We also have an vet direct reimbursement option if you would like your vet to be paid directly.
  • What is the 24/7 Pet Helpline and how does it work?

    Every Pets Best policyholder has access to the 24/7 Pet Helpline! Speak to a veterinary expert any time day or night to get your pet health and behavior questions answered.
  • Are prescriptions covered under my policy?

    Yes. Prescription medications to treat an accident and/or illness are covered. (Unless you opted to remove prescription coverage to lower your premium.) 

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